The last two years have been phenomenal!

As Pattersons Commercial Law turns two years old, I have come to the realisation that we (our small team of seven) have created a law firm and what I hope to be a sustainable business for the distant future.

As I did a year ago, I’ve taken the opportunity to reflect on the last two years and think about the year on year developments, what I’ve learned about the business (and myself) and what we are doing to plan ahead.

When I put the business plan together right at the start, I looked at our business as three distinct phases of growth spilt over three years.  It is fair to say, as we close the chapter on phase two of our growth and stability plan, I’m taking a good look at what has worked for the business and what needs to be done during phase three.


As with a year ago, we have worked with some fantastic business owners (whether as clients or as fellow professional advisors) and it continues to bring a smile to my face when we achieve their goals (whether that involves selling a business, taking on new premises or buying a business as part of their growth plans – there are of course lots of things in between!).

Our fixed fee model continues to work well as it offers transparency to everyone involved.  It means we spend less time watching the clock and more time doing the work!

We’ve invested in our new office, our team in their training and development and in our infrastructure.  We have plans to carry on doing so as we aim to recruit three more into our team over the next 12 months.

We found some success with our involvement in Leicester College’s Pitch Your Passion completion which saw six teams share in substantial prizes sponsored by us in conjunction with The Sir Thomas White Loan Charity.  We are now hard at work planning next year’s competition!

We also managed to win our first ever award – the Best New Business at the Niche Business Awards 2018.  We are extremely grateful for the judges seeing the hard work we have put into becoming a good business as well as a great law firm.

In terms of our charity work, we are a proud sponsor of Alex’s Wish and we took part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning which saw more than 100 people pop into our offices to help us raise more than £2,000.00 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Looking Forward

As we enter phase three of our growth and stability plan, I have considered what it means to be a commercial law firm in the modern age.  There are many law firms out there who do what we do and therefore I see our goal being to:

  • challenge the ways in which traditional law firms are set up;
  • continue to provide diligent professional advice, first class client care and value for money; and
  • build a team of highly skilled professionals who understand our mission.

We are a proud supporter (a type of sponsor) of the Leicester Business Festival and we are really looking forward to continuing to support the Leicester Business Festival over the next few years.  Their values in bringing the business community closer together sit very comfortably with our own.

The Takeaway?

I’d say the last two years have been great.  Now we just need to keep moving ahead, continue to work diligently, give professional advice and be all the things a law firm should be.


Rik Pancholi

Director and Solicitor